Message from Fr. Tony 05.09.21

June 1, 2021

“I no longer call you slaves, I call you friends.” Jesus wants to have a different kind ofrelationship with us than we might expect. He does not want us to…

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Message from Fr. Tony 05.03.21

May 4, 2021

Jesus tells his disciples, that is, all of us, that He is the Vine and we are thebranches. Once again He uses something familiar to His audience to explain a…

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Message from Fr. Tony 04.25.21

April 28, 2021

Are we smarter than sheep? Jesus says that His sheep know his voice and won’t go toanother shepherd. Sheep are smart that way, at least. But, sheep also get lost…

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Message from Fr. Tony – 04.18.21

April 23, 2021

MESSAGE FROM FR. TONY: One of my favorite Bible passages is the meeting with Jesus by two of his disciples onthe road to Emmaus. My dear brothers and sisters, we…

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