10.03.21 Message from Fr. Tony

Marriage is God’s plan to show His Love in the world, to have the union of a man and a
woman as a sign of His love for His creation.
Jesus, who is the Good Shepherd of the Church, is also the Bridegroom of the Church. He is referred to in the Scriptures in this way, and the Church is His spouse. Jesus loves the Church as His spouse and He has instituted the Sacrament of Marriage so that it will be first and foremost a reflection in the world of His love for His spouse, the Church. We recognize, of course, that not all marriages are healthy and life giving situations. But it was God’s plan for a man and a woman to be joined as “one flesh” in this holy sacrament. One man, one woman, together for life growing in mutual, self-giving love.
As a priest, I accepted the commitment to a celibate lifestyle. We surrender ourselves to serve the Lord, setting aside the blessings of married life and family for a lifetime of service to Christ and the Church. But I am surrounded by families and, so, in a sense, I am part of each of them. I never feel as though I am “missing out” on anything. I put my hope in the Lord to live “as though all riches are mine.” Marriage and Holy Orders (priesthood) are obviously both Sacraments and both require a surrender of the will and of the heart and both are filled with great blessings. Fr. Tony