09.19.21 Message from Fr. Tony

In this week’s Gospel, we see the disciples of Jesus arguing among themselves about who is the greatest in the Kingdom of God. We realize that they are still thinking of an earthly Kingdom of David, not the Kingdom of God which is built on faith in Jesus as Savior, and which exists within the hearts of His faithful.
Jesus tells them that they must become like little children. Children are concrete thinkers, especially in their early years.
They have no past to weigh them down with guilt or self-doubt, no future to worry about. As adults, we want to control our environment and know just where we are going and how we are going to get there.
To be a follower of Jesus is to trust in His care for us in the present, based upon His mercy and grace in the past, and to
trust in His providential care for us in the future just as children look to parents and grandparents and all who love them.
May our faith be child-like, (not childish, that is, self-centered and demanding) relying, not on our understanding, but in the sure and certain knowledge that our lives are in the hands of our loving Father. Fr. Tony