09.12.21 Message from Fr. Tony

The same question is asked of each one of us that Jesus asked of Peter – “WHO DO YOU
We must answer the question not just once – but continually. It is meant to shape and define our entire life. How we
answer that question determines who we will become and how we live. It is a question which cannot be answered indirectly, or halfheartedly. It is not enough to rely on what others say. The question is profoundly personal as well as public. Who is Jesus Christ to ME?
Jesus is the One in whom all the promises of God find their fulfillment. He is the answer to every human question, the
fulfillment of every authentic human need, the balm of healing for every human wound, the satisfaction of every authentic human desire, and the way to authentic human freedom and health of body, soul and spirit. He is the Christ, the Messiah, the One who saves us from sin and its effects and leads us to a new way of living, and finally to our true home, Heaven, forever. Today, let’s take that question to heart as individuals and as the People of God: Who do you say that I Am?”
Fr. Tony