Message from Fr. Tony 08.01.21

When God’s people, the Israelites, walked through the desert, they naturally got hungry.
Hungry people get grouchy! So did they. They demanded that Moses, who was in charge, give them something to eat. He prays and God sends manna, some kind of bread and they will eat it for forty years, until they enter the Promised Land.
Jesus tells the people who ask for a sign, that He is the Living Bread from heaven and, if we eat his body and drink His
blood, we will live forever. The Jews are horrified! How can he give us His flesh to eat and His blood to drink?
Jesus is, of course, talking about the Eucharist, which we receive, or we should receive at every Mass.
That Bread from heaven is what gives us life and strength for the journey. If you do not receive the Eucharist, you are
starving your soul of the nourishment that you need.
So, what is keeping you from receiving Jesus in the Eucharist? Sin? Come to Confession. Confusion? Please talk to me,
and I will try to help you. But don’t just come to Mass to sing and pray. Those are good things but they are not enough to keep you strong in your Christian faith.
Jesus gave His life for us and offers us the opportunity to eat the Living Bread and drink the Cup of Salvation. Together
let us eat and drink at the Table of the Lord today, and go in the strength that only the Eucharist can provide for us.
Fr. Tony