Message from Fr. Tony 07.18.21

Weekends, particularly Sundays, are days for rest, but a lot of people are so busy 24/7 that neither Sundays nor weekdays make any difference. It is not surprising that many people today are suffering from stress related illnesses, both physical and psychological, as a result of too much work and too many commitments. The body demands rest yet there seems to be little or no time to listen or respond adequately to this demand. We just keep pushing through, even when the body, mind and soul seek for refreshment. Jesus sent the seventy-two disciples out to go and preach and they came back with stories of success. They were so busy during their pastoral work that they had no time even to eat. Jesus, the compassionate shepherd, invited them to come to a lonely place where they could be by themselves and take some rest and eat. This was because he cared so much not only for their spiritual well-being but for their physical well-being too. The gesture of Jesus towards his disciples proclaims a message that says: “AS MUCH AS YOU TAKE CARE OF OTHERS, DO NOT FORGET TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.”
Jesus invites us also to take care of ourselves, (minds, body, spirit and soul) so as to be able to serve others much better. For example, Sundays and annual vacations should be set apart for rest. Moreover, it is for the sake of the revival of the spirit that people go for retreats where they can be alone with their God and come back more refreshed physically and spiritually. I know it’s hard to get everything done that comes our way, but, maybe we should prioritize our busy schedule. We can look at the things we are doing and see if it all really needs to done. Better to accomplish a few things and take time for rest than to “burn out.” Fr. Tony