Message from Fr. Tony 05.31.21

Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity
We have just completed ninety days of Lent and Easter in which we recalled and entered more deeply into the Paschal
Mystery. We begin this first week of Ordinary Time by celebrating the Most Holy Trinity as we focus on one God, in three persons. It is in many ways a summary of what we heard and reflected on during Lent and Easter.
The Gospel for today is brief and to the point. It comes from the third chapter of St. John and tells us of God’s love for us. This sets the tone for all that would be written in this Gospel. The reason Jesus is born into the world is because of the Father’s love for us, so that we could be saved by faith in Him. The birth of Jesus, his ministry, suffering, death and
resurrection were all acts of God’s love for us. We celebrated its completion last week on Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came to be with the church and each one of us.
The mystery of the Trinity has been written about for two thousand years, but it is a holy mystery and can never be fully
understood. In celebrating the Feast of the Holy Trinity, we remember it is a day for us not to try to understand this mystery, but rather, to remind us of God’s great love for all people.
The mystery of the Triune God fills us with the Love of the Father, the Peace of Christ, and the Unity of the Holy Spirit.
We are united with God who draws us into His family, He is the loving Father, and He is the Son who brings us Peace, and the Holy Spirit who sanctifies us.
The Trinity is a mystery that we will never truly understand. What we can understand is: God is a Trinity of persons who
is always with us. The mystery of the Holy Trinity is one to behold with awe and to celebrate with joy. Fr. Tony